Meditation & Mindfulness

“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” 

~ Gandhi

Dive in the World Of meditation & mindfulness

There’s countless proven benefits to practicing Meditation & Mindfulness.

Stress Release

Mental Clarity

High Performance

Strong Intuition

Improved Well-being

Emotional Stability

WHAT CAN meditation DO FOR YOU?

Meditation can help with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We don’t meditate to get better at meditation, we meditate to get better at life!

In life, we cannot have control of everything, BUT we can take responsibility for our own state of mind. Training the mind is one of the (or actually, just “the”) most powerful practice you can undertake.

The longer you wait to take control, the more out of control you’ll feel. 

Let’s start living a better, simpler and above all – a more FUN life! 😃

Our offers


We offer various meditation & mindfulness classes, both virtually and in-person, all year round.


We organize different types of retreats in certain seasons of the year.


If you're looking for something else, browse here for the various other types of services we offer.


What people say about Samavira

I had my first ever reiki experience with Lauren and it was unforgettable. I had previously been unsure about reiki but with Lauren I felt completely relaxed and able to fully let go and be totally present for the experience. I would highly recommend Lauren, she is such a warm and caring person, you immediately feel safe and looked after in her calm and healing presence.
Michelle Cadby

Yoga Teacher

Samavira’s guided meditations have been very helpful for me. I’m able to use them in the mornings before going to work, just checking in with my body, checking in with myself, my breathing. It’s so great Samavira is providing that space for people. I also use the meditations before my workouts as they help me mentally prep for the intensity, the meditations help to give me the capacity to get through the workout.
Jolyon Davis

Social Worker

Lauren’s amazing and beautiful healing persona has touched me. She is a refreshing soul who reflects a beautiful calmness with her healing practices such as Samavira, other intuitive methods as well as her personal interaction with her clients colleagues and friends as I have personally experienced on many of our online sessions. Lauren combines her background and experience in various healing methods both physical and inner transformation through a calm and compassionate manner. May her beautiful spirits and healing methods touch many lives to their betterment.
S. Rumi Saifullah

Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Our vision

Our vision is to help unlock people’s greatness and disrupt their version of “normal” – so that more people can start fully living life on their own, chosen terms.

our mission

Our mission is to facilitate people’s transformations by helping them to release clutter and blockages from their life and support them in shifting their mindset and creating healthy daily habits and routines, among others through workshops and trainings based on Meditation & Mindfulness practices.