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meditation For
Your well-being

We offer various types of Meditation & Mindfulness classes, both virtually and in-person, all year round.

“Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.”  

~ Rob Hill Sr.

Breathwork & Meditation

This 2-in-1 workshop will make you feel AMAZING – and more resilient to the stressors in your life! You’ll go through Wim Hof breathwork followed by a beautiful guided meditation. There’s countless benefits to meditation. In addition, breathwork is known to manage energy, lower inflammation, increase endurance and boost longevity. Can you imagine the strength of these methods together? Classes are guided on the last Sunday of the month — you can sign up below. Come join us and experience the power of your breath & mind!

8-Week Meditation Course

We’ve all tried meditation one way or another. However, wouldn’t you also want to be able to practice meditation anytime anywhere, without having to rely on guided meditations via apps or YouTube? During this 8-week Meditation Course you’ll learn how to meditate fully independently. Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours and consists of theory, practice and space to ask all your questions and share your experiences. Can’t wait to meditate with you! 🙂

Global Live Meditation​

Every week, on Sunday, we guide a global live meditation online. Did you know that setting yourself up for an amazing new week does not start with your Monday morning? … It starts with how you finish your Sunday! 🙂 Join us now during this weekly live Meditation to provide you with a sense of calm and grounding, to start the new week off greatly! ☯